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Geir Mørk

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Safe4 Security Group AS
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Solveig Meland

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An Ecosystem for delivery of
goods and services behind digital locks
Simplify your everyday life with smart home delivery
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You don't have to be home during delivery.
The app notifies you when the goods have arrived
Home delivery happens without your presence
Worry-free and more time to spare.
The goods arrive at your home and you're in control
Full security throughout the delivery
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As a participant in the Safeunlock research project, you get introduced to new Smart Home Technology that simplifies your day by offering you more time to spare. Complete your orders online and have them safely delivered to your home, either behind your door or in a home delivery box, without your presence. No more stress and worries! Through a Smart App you approve access and generate door lock codes for family, friends and servicepersonell under safe management.

The technology

The Safeunlock technology supports open standards, meaning that "everything" can communicate. 

The platform delivers enhanced IoT technology, suitable to serve our partners and customers need for secure In-Home and In-Box delivery. Safeunlock will be developed to meet Smart Home and Public Healthcare demands for Access Management and Event Logging.

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The Safeunlock research project will develop and evaluate services that allow consumers to receive goods and services behind digital locks. To learn more about how these services should be designed, we are conducting a survey which is open to all.

The first part of the survey includes questions regarding your shopping habits in physical retail and online over the past six months, as well as preferences around e-commerce delivery. The second part of the survey deals with experiences and thoughts around the use of technology, specifically related to door lock services.

The survey is in Norwegian. It takes about 10 minutes to answer the survey. Everyone who completes the survey can sign up for a draw of 10 gift cards with a value of NOK 1,000.

Unlocks Norway
Avoid stress
Exciting job with Safeunlock web
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Together we create the future of home delivery!

We're testing
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Safe home delivery behind digital locks

Get started!

If you already have access to a Home Delivery Box from Homeboxx, Stansefabrikken or PostLogi you can join as pilot participant at Safeunlock. The project will take into account various delivery methods and pickup points, such as apartments, houses, condos, housing communities and associations.

With a Home Delivery Box or digital lock on your front door, you can help map user habits, positive and negative conditions and evaluate user interfaces. You can help us shape tomorrow's sustainable solutions, which among other things can mean fewer transport vehicles in your local environment. We secure the messenger access and locking after delivery. We make sure that the door lock is unlocked and that the goods get delivered. When the item is delivered, the lock is securely closed.

Depending on where and how you want goods and services delivered, you will be able to activate the Safeunlock service in the application of the respective door lock or box provider. Home delivery box settings, such as temperature and space, are also controlled in the respective providers app.

All shopping of goods and services is done as usual through each providers domains. Safeunlock takes care of the door lock codes, ID verification and access management at your delivery point.


Join us in shaping
the future of home delivery

As a Safeunlock pilot participant, you are part of a research project led by Sintef where you will, among other things, be offered to participate in surveys and to provide feedback on solutions and services we will offer throughout the project. The purpose of the research project is to gain knowledge about consumer behaviour, preferences and attitudes that can be used to improve delivery services and provide new knowledge regarding environmental and climate effects. As a participant in the pilot project, you have a direct impact on the future of home deliveries.

Easy online shopping with safe In-Home or In-Box delivery

As a pilot participant in Safeunlock, you do not need to set aside time to pick up the package you have ordered or wait at home till your package has arrived.

We ensure the flow of goods from online store to warehouse and finally into your house or home delivery box. You can calmly continue with what you are doing and leave everything to us. We deliver your goods at the agreed time.

If you have ordered services such as a craftsman, cleaning or dog care, your lock will receive a digital command and let the service personnel in. You can also easily let health professionals into your home.

Security throughout the delivery

With the Safeunlock service, you have full control of the delivery, from warehouse to your hallway or home delivery box.

With the Safeunlock App on your smartphone, you will be instructed to approve the delivery and receive information you might need. If you have chosen secure delivery behind your main door in a particular delivery zone, the Safe4 Homegate (home control unit) will communicate digital door lock codes, verify ID's and timing of the entrant.

If preferred, you can mount one or more PIR motion sensors at your defined delivery zone. That way, you can be notified of any irregularities like a messenger moving further into your household.

Secure access verified by a Trust Centre

With the Keyfree App you can easily give access to couriers and service personnel to both door locks and delivery boxes through digital codes.

You easily delegate unique access codes to your family, friends or craftsmen verified by the Trust Centre, all within GDPR. Outsiders are granted time-limited passes where secure one-time codes are generated or the system sends commands to the door lock. 

You can easily and safely let health professionals into your home. Many of the health services of the future will probably take place in your own home, which will require secure access control, registration of incidents and verification of identity in digital coordination with public and municipal authorities. Here, the Safeunlock project is working to facilitate the model for verification of services, people and actions to secure your home - we will offer more information about the Trust Center throughout 2021.

With the Keyfree App, you decide where the parcel will be delivered

You decide where, when and how goods and services will be delivered. The Keyfree service communicates with the Trust Centre which again interacts via API's with the courier and others in the digital ecosystem. A courier will be given your desired destination either by webshop checkout or later pointed to In-Home or In-Box delivery.

In the first part of the Safeunlock project we concentrate on the delivery of goods to your home. Later in the project you will be able to choose other delivery points, such as your garage, car hub or cottage.

Safeunlock is both the name of the research project and the name of the service that will make deliveries into your home or home delivery box efficient and secure, without you having to be at home at the time of delivery.

The Safeunlock service is built over Keyfree, which is the name of the lock platform developed by Safe4. This platform will eventually be implemented by Safe4's partners and distributors. As a user of the Safeunlock service, you will communicate with the Keyfree App in your Smartphone.

An innovative solution,

The core innovation in the Safeunlock project is what we have decided to call a "Trust Centre". This is the solution that will secure both you and your values, something similar to BankID. It verifies all players in the digital ecosystem as authentically unique, and make sure that they enter and leave the home at the agreed time. Our main focus is that YOU as a homeowner is the one who decide and have full control of your assets.

The core of Safeunlock is the ability to generate unique commands and door lock codes in a secure and traceable way. This is completed through verification in the "Trust Center", which we will provide more information about in the coming months.

Will Common Doors be a challenge?

Do you live in an apartment block, condo or housing community/ association? Do you have a locked common front door in addition to the door to your own apartment?

We have thought about this as well, and the technology will be available during the project.  

However, should you not want strangers into the staircase, lift or other common areas, Safeunlock will introduce solutions for in-door surveillance, incident tracking and Access Management of all common areas with technology and services applying to GDPR regulations.

The partners of the project, Stansefabrikken, Postlogi and Homeboxx, provide Home Delivery solutions like outside storage cabinets with cooling or heating, or larger stands of individual cabinets for apartment blocks and communities.

Everything communicates

The possibilities are many, and the future is boundless. As a user of Safeunlock system you will experience a Home Delivery Ecosystem where "things happen automatically" and "everything just works" while you're not even there. The complete process is monitored and managed through the Safeunlock App and secured by the Trust Centre. Still, your the boss with full control of your household.

An important part of Safeunlock is the use of Open Standards to make the interaction between the different technologies seamless. This allwos the logistic systems to communicate with your smartphone. Your Webshop order is processed throughout the value chain through API's to the couriers Messenger - PDA.

Your Safeunlock App will receive running messages during the delivery process.
With Safeunlock, you only need one App, for full delivery management.

Statements by online shoppers  

Statements from previous SINTEF surveys

More time with the kids!
I have more time with the kids, less stressful weekdays and more time to cook proper meals.
Time to exercise
I get time to exercise and I'm able to go straight from work to training to my home.
More spontaneous
Online shopping gives me more time, and with that time, I can say yes to more spontaneous invitations.
Less stress!
Online shopping allows for less stress and more room for what you want to do.
A calm breakfast
I have time for either physical activity to/from work or to have a calm breakfast at home before work.
What our pilot participants say 

Here you will soon be able to read real statements from the pilot participants. Examples of statements could be the following:

This was a good experience! The goods were delivered to my house while I relaxed in the hammock. Everything worked and I received notifications during the whole transport in the app.
Happy user
It's in box!
I will never regrett joining Safeunlock. The goods are safely in the box until I get home. Easy to provide a digital box code to your bid via app. Fun to try this out!
Satisfied book owner
Still the boss!
Even if the deliveries happen in my house without my presence, I have complete control. Ingenious solution that shows the logistics flow of goods and alerts in-App activities. Great solution!
Impressed IT nerd
Finally some spare time!
The avoidance of pick-up queuing gave me a new life! The solution has freed up more time for me, which I can use with my children. And it's so easy to use! I can't wait till next release!
Grateful mother of three
Security intact!
I was highly sceptical to letting others into my home, but not anymore! With full tracking of movement and digitally fenced delivery zones and access control, safety is really taken care of!
Safe control freak