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The Safe Unlock project has many intricate aspects to it. On this page you will find all the information you need about the project and what it means to become a pilot participant.

Seamless Access

Safe Unlock allows you to order goods and services online and have them delivered behind a digital lock, be it in a locked delivery box outside your door or directly inside your home. The project will take into account different delivery methods and points, such as apartments, houses, condominiums, apartment buildings and housing associations. Depending on where and how you want goods and services delivered, you will be able to activate the Safe Unlock service in the lock or box provider's application.

The door locks are supplied by Nimly, an innovative Norwegian company, a leader in biometric and electronic locking and security systems. The main lock that will be used in the project is called EasyCodeV2. However, other locks with additional functions, such as fingerprint readers and key fob options, are also available. All door locks are ordered via Keyfree AS. With a lock from Nimly, you can easily get deliveries into the house without being present. The door lock connects to the Keyfree system so that you can always grant access and have access to your property. Safe Unlock main task is to manage the communication interface with service providers.

If you do not want to use a digital door lock, a parcel box from Stansefabrikken can also be used. Stansefabrikken is a company in the Stafa Group, which over the decades has supplied more than 80% of housing cooperatives and condominiums in Norway. The company is a recognized, solid supplier that has turned the traditional use of mailboxes on its head so that you can have parcels delivered securely in your own mailbox.

TouchPro UB


Safe Unlock is a service that should be offered to as many people as possible. Therefore, you can choose to either register a condominium or housing cooperative, your own apartment, townhouse or detached house. There is no subscription fee for being a pilot participant. However, participants are required to purchase a discounted "lock package" from Komplett's webshop.

You register through the registration form here. There you choose the form that suits you best and enter your data so that we can best customize our solution to you and your needs.

Market survey

The Safe Unlock research project will develop and evaluate services that allow consumers to receive goods and services behind a digital lock. To learn about how these services are used and how they affect people's everyday lives, SINTEF, one of Europe's largest independent research institutes, is now conducting surveys as part of the Safe Unlock research project.

The survey includes questions about shopping habits and online shopping, as well as experiences of using the solutions included in the research project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is basically no subscription fee to be a pilot participant. It is still necessary for participants to buy a discounted "door lock package" from Komplett's webshop.

Your pilot subscription is managed and secured by Sintef, which in turn puts you in the database of Keyfree AS. Keyfree provides the service itself and places your home exchange and lock in the "Safe Unlock Trust Center", where your user data is secured.

To participate in the project, you must obtain a Gateway from Safe4 Security Group, a digital lock from Nimly or a home delivery box from Homeboxx. You can order everything in Komplett's webshop.

In all security applications, we make sure to store your data in accordance with the GDPR and the data you have given your consent to storage. In Safe Unlock, a Trust Center is established, which handles information with security corresponding to Bank ID and Vipps.

When the pilot period is over after 12 months, Keyfree AS will continue your subscription with valid commercial conditions. Should you not wish to join further, just cancel your subscription or choose another provider.

Anyone who has their own BankID and rents or owns a home with a publicly registered address in the National Register can participate in the Safe Unlock Pilot. You must have your own smartphone (Android or iPhone). You must enter your name, telephone number, email and address when you register as a pilot participant. Such information is then in your own pilot area with your own username (e-mail) and password.

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For questions regarding the installation of technical equipment, you can also contact the technical support team at
We recommend all pilot participants to read the tips and watch the videos on installation further up on this page to get the fastest possible help.

If you want to get in touch with one of the project's contact persons, you can find their information here.