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Registration for condominiums, apartments, terraced houses and detached houses

Pilot registration

Safe Unlock is a service that should be offered to as many people as possible. Therefore, you can register a condominium, an apartment connected to a registered condominium or not, terraced houses and detached houses. Below you will find the respective forms. There you enter your data so that we can best adapt our solution to you and your needs.

Shortly after registration, you will receive an SMS confirming your registration, with the option to view the information you have entered. Should you need to change anything, you can do so via the link provided or by contacting During the pilot, we will use the registered information to send you tips and advice on how to best use the system. Along the way, surveys will also be sent out by SINTEF, the leader of the research project. 

At the start of the project's pilot, the focus will be on registered condominiums and housing cooperatives, as well as apartments connected to these. As the project develops, we will include the solution for apartments outside of condominiums, detached houses and townhouses. You can still register this now! 

For more information about the Safe Unlock project and the pilot, click here .

For information about address marking and utility unit numbers, see information from the Norwegian Mapping Authority here

Condominiums & Housing Associations

Keyless community doors


In condominiums registered in Safe Unlock


Not in a condominium registered in Safe Unlock

Detached house

Delivery to the door

Terraced house

More time to spare

You can, at your own request, revoke your consent whenever you wish. You then leave the project and are no longer a pilot participant. Send e-mail to:

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no subscription fee for being a pilot participant. It is still necessary for participants to purchase a discounted "lock package" from Komplett's webshop.

Your pilot subscription is administered and secured by Sintef, who registers you into the database of Keyfree AS. Keyfree delivers the service itself and places your home control panel and lock into the Safe Unlock "Trust Centre", where your user data is secured.

To participate in the project, you must obtain a Gateway from Safe4 Security Group, a digital lock from Nimly or a home delivery box from Homeboxx. You can order everything in Komplett's webshop.

In all security applications, we make sure to store your data in accordance with the GDPR and the data you have given your consent to storage. In Safe Unlock, a Trust Center is established, which handles information with security corresponding to Bank ID and Vipps.

When the pilot period is over after 12 months, Keyfree AS will continue your subscription with valid commercial conditions. Should you not wish to join further, just cancel your subscription or choose another provider.

Anyone who has their own BankID and rents or owns a home with a publicly registered address in the National Register can participate in the Safe Unlock Pilot. You must have your own smartphone (Android or iPhone). You must enter your name, telephone number, email and address when you register as a pilot participant. Such information is then in your own pilot area with your own username (e-mail) and password.

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If you did not find the answer to what you were looking for, you can contact us at any time on our email,

For questions regarding the installation of technical equipment, you can contact our technical support team. Send email to
We recommend all pilot participants to read the tips and watch the videos about assembly here to get the fastest possible help.